Our Company

KITE HELLAS is a modern company with dynamic presence in the Greek Pharmaceutical Market. Since 1991 when it was established, the Company as exclusive representative of significant International Pharmaceutical Companies, introduced into the Greek market innovative, high quality products.

The Company has extensive experience and intimate knowledge of the workings of the local and international market as well as a large international network of contacts and connections. This, in combination with the profound knowledge of the procedures and laws governing the Greek Pharmaceutical Market, gives the Company the advantage of having a flexible and adaptable approach. Moreover, KITE’s highly experienced Executives, who understand the needs and requirements of foreign Companies, solve efficiently any problems that might arise making sure that the company cooperation is flawless. All the above is the reason why KITE Hellas is highly appreciated and trusted and why it has long term collaborations.

KITE Hellas is the exclusive representative of the following significant and well known Pharmaceutical Companies:

  • Sanofi-Aventis USA
  • NOVAX pharma
  • Eyedetec Medical Inc. USA
  • Norgine Limited UK
  • Lansinoh U.S.A
  • Earth Friendly Baby U.S.A
  • TEVA
  • Schaer Pharma (Tentan A.G.), Switzerland
  • Zeon Healthcare Limited
  • Passion for Life
  • Amdipharm
  • Pharmacure Health Care
  • Passion for Life Healthcare UK
  • Craze Foods UK
  • Steripod

KITE Hellas is a financially strong company, growing rapidly in the pharmaceutical sector. Economic growth is expected to continue in the years to come despite the difficult financial situation and the Greek economy crisis, since new collaborations and launching excellent new products in the Greek market will ensure significant sales increase.

The Company has been awarded with the ICAP “STRONGEST COMPANIES IN GREECE” Certificate, which means that it has been included in the community of enterprises that have reached a high ICAP Credit Rating Classification (ICAP rating is recognized by European Central Bank and all other Financial Institutions), which comes as a recognition of the Company’s excellent financial operation.

It should also be noted Company’s commitment to fulfilling quality requirements and following the guidelines for the best practices. For this reason, KITE Hellas has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System following the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.